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Default alright for really really naughty and disgraceful Lance Armstrong to be stripped of all of his titles because he took drugs...hmmm...but he did inspire many with regard to his cancer ordeals?? I am NOT condoning whatever he did, with regards to 'cheating', that is if he actually DID cheat...

...not Ok for 'sir' vile to be stripped of HIS titles because he abused, raped and potentially tortured and murdered young children..


Wonder what Lance did to really annoy his puppet masters, remember it is all MIRRORS...if someone is publicly humiliated, such as Lance and Tiger Woods (for example)..then they really must have pissed people off...not played ball, somehow? If Lance was really useful to the establishment, then whatever naughty things he got up to, it would all have been suppressed, just like sir vile and HIS dispicable deeds!

Good old vile, not a public word ever whilst he was alive and not a stripped of any of his titles whilst he was alive..even though there must have been dozens of people coming forward...a bit like Lance?? this we can assume...

..if you are of use to the establishment, and the worser deeds you do, the better you are treated, the more you are protected...obviously Lance did not have such 'protection'...

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