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Originally Posted by northern star View Post
upping the ante on uncle jimmy

the media currently focusing on Freddie Star is a deliberate red herring and distraction - he is asking to be interviewed by the police, predictable, no doubt he will be found innocent to placate the view that this is a load of fuss over nothing. Bet this happens. It would be a big story in the tabloids.

But the stars theyre focusing on, the big difference is that JS was Knighted by the establishment. This means surely that in order to have this esteemed honour, those granting it must have advisors and consultants before awarding such an honour, at secret service/MI5 level. Anything seedy, sleazy or untoward would come to light in this check-up, no? So shouldnt there be some sort of statement from the Palace, as it looks like theyre going to have to remove the honour? Stating either a) they had no idea what he was up to (lol) and their advisors failed, and issue an apology or b) they knew what he was doing but ignored it and granted the award anyway, which becomes a criminal offence.

Neither of these are the case obviously, its much worse, but they should issue a statement.

Prince Charles was the first person to say how "saddened" he was by his best pal and mentor's death, but not a murmur on how "saddened" the Royal Family are about these lurid allegations and shocking revelations. Sad it's all come out more like!
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