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Originally Posted by mrunhappy View Post

Only just seen this..

Now I might be more inclined to believe the necrophiliac stories. This case is becoming just so bizarre that my mind doesn't know what to make of it all. I guess I like simplicity in a story. I can understand a man wanting his lolitas, that deviancy is as old as the hills, but to go from that to sticking your tongue in the mouths of young patients? How can one man's deviancy be so wide-ranging? Young, ill, the vulnerable ....and the dead? I feel like I have entered the twilight zone!

I just need more to entertain the idea of necrophilia. With the floodgates open I now expect to see such a report imminently, but I need to hear it from at least one witness.
The stuff you have heard already is mild. If that has shocked you then you better fasten your seatbelt.

I have no doubt saville was involved in the torture and murder at HDLG.
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