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Default A Question of Authority


House of God (Laws, Rules Etc)

Creations of God – Children of God, Man (All created equal under God)

Creation of Man – Laws, Statues, Courts, Courthouses and Magistrates to Administer Laws over man-made citizens, persons, corporations, children of state etc

Resides over
Which administers
Laws and Statues
Named Citizens, Persons, Corporations, Children of the State

Note where citizens and persons stand - at the very bottom.

This model is open for discussion and correction.

If one maintains he is a man (a creation of God), separate and distinct from his "person" (created by man), it would follow that he is not under the authority of the Magistrate and Court.

Another question arises, if one maintains he is a man (a creation of God) and the Magistrate is clearly a creation of man - who is in authority? The magistrate may claim the courthouse is "his" house but does the courthouse not reside within the house of God?

Another question, if one refers to the judge/Magistrate as "Your Honour" does this relinquish authority to the judge/Magistrate?

Merry Christmas

Power and Protection of God...
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