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Originally Posted by the mighty zhiba View Post
i don't think any crystal is self cleansing - despite what all the 'experts' say

And, even the toughest of us needs a cuddle and a mollycoddle every now and again - it never hurts to take care of them


Bear in mind that you are liquid crystal.... You could absorb that negativity stored in the crystal if you use it to absorb heavy energy.... Best just to get rid of it

Would you really want to work with that kind of stuff?
Well it's there, never goes away and you could say that if you absorb such energy you are doing good to the world. Also it could be looked at mastering energy just like Mexican healers would suck sickness out of a client and process that. By doing this you have master the fear aspect, there is no negativity you need to be fearful of.

Would you be so kind to educate newbies who may be interested in this...

1. How do you programme a crystal? Do you just speak into it by telling its task? Is there anything more you do? Tap a crystal three times...for example. I'm sure there must be a various methods but a starter basic would be appreciated.

2. How do you know if the crystal is doing what you tell it to do? Is it based purely on intuition? Would the crystal throw a tantrum and refused to do what you tell it to do?

3. How do you deactivate the programming once the job is done? Just tell it to stop and proceed with cleansing?
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