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Originally Posted by fairyprincess View Post
What company? All she did was turn round and look at the devistation.

Are you saying that empathy should only be deployed for the vituous?
you seem to be saying that she was the only guiltless person in the situation but it sounds like she was keeping bad company

have you ever heard of the principle: 'vote with your feet'?

also how do you know that her motivation in turning round was 'empathy'? Did she write a quick note before she turned round and was calcified in salt?

I think you're taking it all too literally

They are stories written with double for the hoi polloi and one for the cogniscenti. The real question is 'what is the REAL interpretation? intended by the authors?'
I believe the public should have a say in their own fate and that is why i support free speech. Any media talking heads who argue that free speech must be curbed are arguing that the public should not be allowed a say in their own fate
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