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Originally Posted by primordialman View Post
The worlds NUMBER ONE PROBLEM is OVERPOPULATION DEFINIATELY.Anyone who doesnt agree seriously needs to pull their head out of the sand.
However if nations were able to control their immigration and refugee levels without interference from big business nations could simply decide whether they wanted all these hordes of humanity to settle in their nation or not which would have to rationally take into account their nations environment and economy and what was clearly sustainable for both and what wasnt!
Unfortunately this doesnt happen and nations are virtually blackmailed by Corps WTOs, GATTS, IMFS ETC.. that they must allow open borders at any cost to their peoples or nations natural environment.
U'r obviously not introduced to venus project.The problem isn't human population,it's the way of life,industry to be more specific.We r consumer culture,we will consume to the point there is nothing left to consume.
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