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Originally Posted by glacidtek View Post
I was talking with some UNICEF charrity mugger the other day - explaining why I would not be signing up to assist them in the depopulation Agenda.

When I explained about Agenda 21, the poor girl in disbelief outright told me I was lying.... and them went on to tell me that there realy are too many people on the planet with too little resources.

What planet is she on.... there is plently to go round here - theres just a few greedy cunts at the top with way too much.
You hit the nail on the head there.

I think that the rule should be that anyone who wants to further the depopulation agenda will have to tell their children, grandchildren and all those who are nearest and dearest to them to bump themselves off and then they have to follow after them.

I have no doubt that there are nutters out there who would do such a thing but it would surely make most of them think twice and maybe reassess their position and wake up to the lies that surround this.
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