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Imagine you're me now, and you've just listened to the weird 'evil laughter' phone call.

I sat there for a bit afterwards thinking "That was strange. Was that strange? Oh well. Work to do. No, that was strange, wasn't it? Was it strange? Why was that strange?"

I GUARANTEE if I ever find the recording, even the hardest skeptic would have to admit: "OK, that was fucking strange."

Yet immediately afterward, I was still asking myself if what I had heard was strange, like there was some kind of amnesia or blocking effect in my mind that almost made me forget it forever on the spot.

Then I realized I had taken a photo of the computer screen with the call details, which is something I've never done for anything before, and looking at this made me appreciate that what I'd heard must have been genuinely strange.

So I called back as explained earlier, and got the laughter again.

After this, I thought some more about it, and suddenly remembered (had totally forgotten about it during the call) that sometime earlier in the day, I had been browsing the Icke forum between work tasks, and had looked at the Hellier thread again with my non-spoiler post about IC = tc, and said to myself: "I really want to talk about Indrid Cold."

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