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I've been wracking my brain all day trying to figure out in what sequence to explain this in so that it makes sense in the same way as it does to me.

I'll break it down into smaller posts to make it easier to read.

Gotta start with this thread I posted a while back on the new five-part paranormal investigation documentary series Hellier:

I avoided posting spoilers in that thread, but I'm going to have to now.

Watching the entire 5 hours of the series is necessary to get the full effect of it, and would definitely be of benefit to what I'm talking about here, but I appreciate that's a big investment of time for anyone not already motivated to do so, so watching episodes 1, 3 and 5 (full episodes posted at the above link) would suffice.

If you haven't got time for that, here's the *SPOILER* story in a nutshell...

A team of paranormal investigators get a strange email message that they dig into. They find a link to a mysterious entity mentioned in John Keel's Mothman Prophecies, called Indrid Cold.

They go to the town of Hellier, that is the centre of their investigation, and conduct an experimental paranormal technique where they ask questions of supernatural forces while one of the group wears a blindfold and headphones playing white noise.

Out of the white noise, the listener repeats the audio pareidolia messages he hears, which seem to respond to their questions as though a form of communication has been established.

Towards the end of the session, the listener says that the image of a tin can suddenly and inexplicably pops into his head.

In the final episode they trek through the wilderness to an old abandoned mine in the side of a mountain, looking for answers. While exploring the entrance to the mine, their torchlight suddenly reveals that there is a tin can sitting directly in the middle of the cave opening at the mouth of the mine, as if placed there waiting for them.

Months after the investigation, they discover that in one of John Keel's books discussing entities such as Indrid Cold, he mentions that they often manifest in the form of tin cans.

-- Now I've just ruined any surprises you'll get from the series but there was no choice. Still worth watching because that brief synopsis doesn't do it justice, of course. Personally, I got a really palpable, satisfying buzz out of the final revelation that perhaps Indrid Cold himself was the tin can they 'met' at the end of their investigation.

While trying to remain cryptic to avoid spoilers, I posted on this in the above-linked thread about 3 weeks ago:

Originally Posted by size_of_light View Post
OK, finished watching the first season (it ends on a nice little cliffhanger/teaser for season 2), and there are some very minor spoilers/observations for the last episode below...

* How did they miss the connection between 'the door is closed' message from Wriste, and the 'sound of a car door slamming' phenomena Keel mentions in his book??? I was practically screaming at them to notice this.

* IC = tc? Haha, an awesome little revelation to end with that tickled me where I itch. I wonder if they took 'tc' with them? Probably not a good idea...
So the IC above = Indrid Cold and tc = tin can.

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