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Originally Posted by Unisus View Post
It doesn't seem relevant to me that a rebellious being would be concerned about consent. There is a Satanic cult infiltrating the matrix with ideas about "consent" and "self-manifestation" to scapegoat victims and stun justice. Consent would not be a word if everything in life were consensual.

It is a form of blasphemy to equate paradigms with God; that is to say that everything is true and just because God is True & Just and God is Everything. Yet when you are speaking of lower internal matters, they are not Everything; they are only a part. And thus unconsensual experiences, unjust, and untrue illusions do exist.

It is a wicked thing to create entrapping and destructive illusions on purpose, or to disregard their affect on sentient beings from the perspective of God when you are but a man.
Originally Posted by Unisus View Post
I refuse to participate in a thread where everyone is responding to everyone except myself. Own up to what you have done.
I don't believe anything (best way to keep things sane). I thought you're above post was as good as any on the thread.
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