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Originally Posted by JustMe418 View Post
But even those miracles could just be metaphorical:

Water to wine could be taking a basic teaching and imbuing it with deep spiritual significance

Bringing the dead to life could be the reanimation of forgotten areas of consciousness

Walking on water could be moving across the deeper spiritual consciousness.
All of those things sound so bizarre they could be true JM4

They can however still be explained using the allegory on the theme that has and still exists in nature for millenia.

The rain and shine turning grapes to water as the grape gatherer herself appears in the sky just before the sun rises at the cornucopia.

Bringing the dead of winter back to life after the 22 Mar into the land of milk and honey.

Walking or riding in his chariot of fire to the top of the mountain on 21 June.

The new consciousness is yet another religion, while the old natural one casts no shadows of its own and carries on if nothing ever changed, and why or how could it, lest we all suffer thereafter.

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