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Originally Posted by andy1033 View Post
Telling humans they are not the top of the food chain, would be a bad idea.
Human's are not the top of the food chain.

Technology allows us to dominate, but take away that technology and humans are just another mammalian species trying to survive. Put one of those mammals in the wild and see how they fare against things with teeth and claws.

Human's can die from catching a virus.

There is a saying that a dog is only one meal away from being a wolf, and man is only one hot meal away from being a savage. Take away the things we take for granted, warmth and shelter and man ceases to be the master of his domain - he becomes a slave to it. Take away cash and society becomes an arena where only the strong survive. and when the strong have no-one else to steal from, they become just another part of nature - but less equipped and less able to survive than say a mouse - let alone a wolf. in an apocalyptic scenario, man would become just another food source.


But i agree, colour and racial differences are a huge barrier for some.

And then you have religion - most of the worlds religions dictate that it's particular followers are somehow superior to other and therefore other must be considered as an enemy.

How religion would cope with life from beyond this blue-green planet showing up, considering it's history of 'coping' with other human beings isn't really very promising.

And God made Adam in his image.... Well what or who made these fellas with over-large heads and / or reptilian features?

The key words that have been mistranslated - ie misrepresented - are, of course: And the Gods made Adam in their image.

It only works if you make man all powerful.

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