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Arrow Brazil: Huge sinkhole near Natal World Cup stadium

Jun 22, 2014 - Huge sinkhole near World Cup stadium.
Residents have been evacuated from a favela near one of Brazil's World Cup stadiums, after a huge sinkhole opened up.
Footage shows partially-collapsed homes perched on the edge of the crater in Natal, already filled with household appliances, furniture and vehicles.
The hole is 6 km from the Arena das Dunas stadium, which will host the Group D match between Italy and Uruguay on Tuesday.
The sinkhole opened up earlier this week after record rainfall, but has continued to grow since.

Soccer World Cup: end of the show.
poster comments [1] the match Argentina vs Iran:
"The referee fixed this game. It was appalling.
Because it's Iran everyone thinks it's funny. But with FIFA now regularly fixing matches, left and right, football is headed for a collapse.
It's still a beautiful game but it is ruined when the referee and linesmen are corrupted.

Last Prophet replies:
In soccer you can't terminate the show the same way as in the NFL, where a quarterback and a couple more players acting instead of playing the game was enough to get 43-8, the impossible result predicted two days in advance by the Illuminati Grand Master (see Superbowl 2014 link).
In soccer terminating the show resumes to upscaling referees's errors for ensuring the scripted result: from "humans make mistakes" to ostensibly falsifying the result.

[1] Jun 22 - "Messi Rubs ‘Lamp’ to Give Argentina Late Win Over Stubborn Iran"

Who's terminating the show

Superbowl 2014 - simulated reality terminated with its mockery

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