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Sorry thought I would add mine and my partners experience lately. I was in the house alone and I could hear a cat cry, all my cats were asleep no one stirred yet the cry was loud, the other night my partner went to call our cat in from the garden and he heard a cat cry in the bushes, he looked and there was no cat, he came in and checked in the bedroom and our cat was asleep, he told me what happened and said there was no cat out there. The other thing happened last night where I was getting in bed and there was a shadow on the chest of drawers like the light was interrupted to create a shadow, but I tried to replicate it by moving and yet I couldn't, I don't know what it was but I said hello. The last thing I have notices in the last month is that the light in the day seems to be different like you are on a movie set and they have fake lighting but in a nice way like all the colours are illuminated and when I look at the flowers in my garden they seem so vibrant. No I am not smoking any wacky backie in case anyone asks, just wanted to add my experiences.
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