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The real problem is, imagine two generations ahead. Chipping might not even have to get enforced, they will just have everyone they can pursuade to take the chip to do so, and then parents will get the choice of having their child chipped from birth, so they are "ahead" of other children.

Imagine the possibilites with these chips:

Connected to the net or grid all the time

Instead of cell phones, it would be telepathy, maybe even being able to see who is contacting you, or what the person you are telepathising with is seeing. Global forums of sharing thoughts and ideas. Not to mention the possibilities for virtual realities.

Then comes all the possibilites to get lost limbs back. People who has lost an eye, arm, leg, hand and so on, will be able to get that back when there is a chip in the persons head to be able to control it. You might in fact get even more limbs and vision that you had to begin with. This kind of technology will most likely be tested in the military first, but on the helping people with lost limbs issue, then that is already happening. I think there is more than one company out there already doing this, and I see no reason why it would not already be possible. Too much seems to prove it possible now.

Worst case scenario, the chip will become part of the "personification" program, where we all need to have a person in the system to be part of the system. Anyone not with a chip will not be able to get a decent job or buy stuff any normal way. There might be nothing but digital cash in the future but no matter how they do that, it would seem very risky.

I do believe a few things does speak for the chip, but the few things that does, would be much better to obtain through enlightenment, instead of being plugged in to an artificial global network.
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