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I wonder what Richard D Hall would think of the suggestion that a lot of the events weren't inside jobs and cover ups as such, but instead where staged events?. I can't imagine him agreeing that 7/7 was staged using crisis actors, a pre staged bombed bus, fake victins, etc.

There's a site called Fakeologist which looks at everything from staged bus and train crashes to Lockerbie to the Herald of Free Enterprise disaster, even to
tragedies such as the Aberfan disaster in 1966. Aberfan is close to Merthyr Tydvfyl I believe where Richard D Hall lives. To suggest a tragedy like Aberfan was staged, where children lost their lives in a landslide, seems very ridiculous to me. How the bell do you fabricate children that supposedly died?, not only that but make those in on it keep their mouths shut?.

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