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Originally Posted by mranderson View Post
It appears Soros is attempting the same scheme Europe wide.
George Soros has been involved in whole lot of looting. When he was a kid, he even helped the Nazis to plunder the Jews.
If I understand correctly, for a lot of people in former Yugoslavia Soros is considered as some kind of "hero" for helping them fight the evil Serbs...

Originally Posted by mranderson View Post
I've stayed clear of mentioning Yugoslavia so far because I coudn't find enough about that period in time that was not obvious propaganda.
That really is the problem.
Most of the stories that disagree with the official story on Yugoslavia and Milosevic, seem to take the pro-Serbian point of view in which the Croatians were to blame for all of it.

At the end of June, begin July this year I spoke to a Croatian tourist in Amsterdam (when Srebrenica was in the news in the Netherlands over the verdict of the Court), with an interest in “conspiracy theories” and open-minded....
When I brought the topic Srebrenica up, it was clear that this wasn’t a topic to discuss. My conclusion that the war crimes, genocide, by the Serbian army have been highly exaggerated made him angry. He “knew” that the Serbian army was really evil and even mentioned that “we” were helped by the Americans.
So after asking if he agrees that Yugoslavia was better before it fell apart (on which he agreed with me), I dropped this topic.
He actually had some interesting things to say, and was certainly no fan of the US foreign policy.

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