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Originally Posted by quetzalcoatl View Post
Kinda wished I'd heard of this (below) before voting - I may gave scaled it down to "most probably" or "50/50"...

Oh well sounds a bit strange, anyway... Well I have no qualms with the name change or even being a Tax Agent (surprisingly?) really... - yet seems slightly strange for a Alien contactee to have such enthusiasm for UFO spotting...
You're referring to Michael Horn who is saying Collier is a liar. Here's Collier's open letter regarding Michael Horn's attacks:

"As many of you are aware, I am being bitterly attacked from the Billy Meier/FIGU camp, especially by their U.S. publicist, Michael Horn. I am being addressed as a liar and a fraud. Apparently, because I changed my name and at most times in my life during on going contacts, I chose to not share this reality with people who were acquaintances. Why would I? You also need to know that I have addressed this issue publicly in earlier lectures years ago. But maybe it’s necessary to deal with it for the last time.

Originally Posted by quetzalcoatl View Post
Also, another suspect point is if there really are much similarities to Collier's Andromedan accounts & Meier's apparent Pleiadian experiences...
In my opinion there are similarities between Meier's and Collier's information because both are genuine contactees.

PS. Collier has said Billy Meier is a real contactee.

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