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Originally Posted by quetzalcoatl View Post
Nah, you wasting ya time eh... so now, I'm mad!

Look you've basically quoted me & then reeled out a random spiel referring to "some entity" called "you" - which is obviously what people do when addressing someone...

Here ya claim a question addressed to whoever / whatever with a reference of "you" was meant as a rhetorical question, do you even know the meaning of this??? if not;

Also, see how you can make the distinction in who or what you address by saying; "we"... - which is just one way you could've phrased it...

Well it just wasn't clear was it??? - surely you could have phrased it differently??

& now it's back to a person / persons or group or some shite, not an inanimate object; like an article... - yet apparently that;s what you were addressing???

I think you basically just heard something you didn't like / don't agree with & lashed out @ the person whom referred it...

Look it's a subtle thing & open to interpretation, granted; yet considering my position was made perfectly clear (I thought so anyway), there's no real reason to ask such inane questions directed @ "you", yet in relation to an article quoted... - who the fuck does that??? you could have quite easily simply quoted the article & cried out questions to lord about "you" holding Icke being a ex-BBC against him to your hearts content... - then how would that sound???

Well seemed like a bit of a run around to me!
Wow. Just... wow. How you managed to read between the lines and misunderstand me so badly means that I probably need to work on my language skills...

I made a post with the intention to highlight some issues with the postings in the thread you referred to as well as to comment on the issues you mentioned yourself in your post.

Clearly I will not be able to make my intentions clear to you at this point, since you seem quite intent on misunderstanding. So, I am not going to argue, or even make any further statements about this and I will leave the posts as is so anyone reading them can make up their own mind about them.
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