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Originally Posted by resistance View Post
Kore is of course correct. There exists many different copies and translations of Mein Kampf. To think that some of these copies don't contain some inaccurate translations or haven't been altered in some way is extremely naive to say the least. Mein Kampf: Mein Kampf A Translation Controversy free download

The publishing of Mein Kampf has been in the hands of the natural enemies of national socialism since the end of the war. It's said that practically all English translations of Mein Kampf are misleading and give quite deliberate false representation of Hitler's ideas and the National Socialism. There is said to be only one English translation authorized and approved by the Reich for publishing? The James Murphy 1939 Edition. James Murphy translated Mein Kampf from about 1935-1939 in Germany after receiving approval to do so from Adolf Hitler who owned the copyright to his book. James Murphy was an Irish Catholic Priest. whether this is true or not , who knows?
If you have read it you will know that you could not swap a few words here and there, or a few sentences here and there, or a few paragraphs here or there, without making it blindingly obvious you had changed the whole book.

There is no way of altering Hitler's turgid prose to subtly change his meaning.

That is not how the book is written.

It was and is the most vivid account of what Hitler planned to do to Europe when he achieved full dictatorial powers over Germany.

The irony is in seeking to defend him it is his supporters who are the ones twisting his words.

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