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As we know the MSM is owned by the cabal (aka Illuminati NWO )...

"There used to be 88 media companies. Today there are only 6 and those six are all under the thumb of the Rothschilds.
All of these six media companies receive their news from Reuters and the Associated Press. Reuters owns the AP and the Rothschilds own Reuters...."

The cabal basically (try to) control everything ... banking , politics, the medical system, CIA, MI5 .. This is the group exposed by David in all his books .. Essentially the royalty and rothschilds , the shape shifters in league with the off world reptilians.

While this cabal do have almost complete control of the western political system , once in a while someone not allied to them rises to power in accordance with the will of the people .... Kennedy in the 60s , and now Trump.

They clearly see Trump as the enemy and are out to destroy him , but they can only do this by turning the people against him ... So year after year they keep up constant media attacks in the hope of turning the weak minded ... in the hope he doesn't get a second term....

Why do not all truthers support Trump ??? Why is David set against him???

Because , Trump appears to be behind some aspects of the dark agenda ... Israel , war mongering .. Again it comes back to the will of the US people who generally do support Israel and a 'strong military'.

Just because Trump is independent of the cabal does not mean all his policies are right !
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