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Originally Posted by fairyprincess View Post
People think that sodom and gommorah is an acceptible moral fable. But, it is crawling with inconsistencies.

God had a problem with the citizens of sodom an Gomorrah. Because they where wicked. But no where in the story does it explain how they are 'wicked'.

Its very easy to say its because they are sodomites. Thats to say practiced anal sex. But, we get the that meaning for 'sodomite' because that the biblical interpretation. No where in the story is definition explained!

Also, people prefer to assume that sodomy equals homosexuality. But nowhere in the story does it make a distinction between straight sodamy, and gay sodamy.

Wouldn't it make sense that sodamites where both straight and gay? Afterall, god made no distinction between male and femake. Smiting everyone equally.

God choose one man, Lot, and his family as example of morality. And he sends two angels down.

Having heard this, a gang of sodomites arrive at lots house looking to 'know' his guests. Thats 'know' in the biblical sense. Meaning, in this case, sodamy.

So lot, gods moral champion, turns round and says... 'Do not do so to my guests. I have two daughters, who have never known a man. Do so to them.

So thats the most moral man in sodam..... Advocating the rape of his own virgin daughters.

Anyway. God smote the city. Killing all but Lot's family. Save for lots wife, who gets turned into a pillar of salt. For having the empathy to turn and see the destruction of her neighbours.

Lot and his daughters, then went in to a cave. Is daughters the proceed to get their father drunk. Both taking it in turns to have incestous sex with him.

The book of Leviticus has meny rules. Including rules that are both equally against sodomy and incest. Why did an 'all-powerful' god puinish the sodamites, but not punish lot or is daughters once they had had incestous sex.

That alone makes the morality of the take dubious.....
Does this mean they were using Coke bottles?
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