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Hello all,

I find these posts interesting and when I was younger I was very much a homesteader. When I finally get to stay at my house, I will be gardening and raising chickens and such. I am putting in a hand pump for my well.

However, I am crippling up. Currently stable but with a prognosis of deterioration ahead of me. Survivalism- I cannot get into now. I will shoot a home invader if I am near a weapon at the time. Luckily my hands aren't crippled- they just lose feeling but are functional but a big defensive plan won't work and the ramp I need installed will be a dead giveaway of a vulnerable person. The best I can envision is shoot as many as possible but leave one bullet for me. I am not depressed or suicidal, don't worry. I just don't see a lot of options now when SHTF. I will not be evacuated.
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