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Just adding a little more--

Time is an illusion, that should be self-evident: there is only an eternal 'now'. The "Big Bang" concept was concocted by a Jesuit priest by the name of Georges LemaƮtre to "prove" the Biblical concept of "creation". Creation is something that occurs perpetually, at all times. The only "evidence" we have that the Universe is "expanding" is red-shifted light from some galaxies. The current interpretation assumes that light waves behave the same as sound waves and therefore can produce a "Doppler effect", even though the they propagate in a completely different way. There have been found galaxies that are physically paired to each other; sharing stars, etc., that have different spectral qualities that, under the current dogma, stipulates that these galaxies must be billions of light years apart.

But they're not.

Newton has declared the Death Of The Universe to be a wide dispersion of all matter (tiny little BB's, right? Hyuck!) to the point to where interaction ceases.

But he completely neglected to see that the Universe also SELF-ASSEMBLES; new forms are created, constantly. Study Fractals, and you'll learn that they represent that apparent chaos at one level is order at another.

Russell's science at least recognizes that Reality is an illusion; the "reality" of nature is NOT substance, but MIND, which all beings share in an individuated way. Doesn't it make more sense that Mind came first, then thought, then material manifestation? That's how I create things, i.e., a musical composition, a poem, a tool, a mechanical device, etc.

I just wonder what the psyentists like Hawking were expecting to find, Mind particles? Sentientrons, perhaps? You should be laughing at these people. Hawking reasoned himself right out of his mind.

Anyway, Russell's cosmogeny is, in a lot of ways, the Taoist viewpoint. His wife, an active partner in his work, was given the nickname Lao, to Lao Tzu attributed author of the Tao Te Ching, of which she was an avid student.

WE ARE IN A NEW PARADIGM. At HAS occurred already. It's just now taking shape. I don't know about you, but everywhere I turn I find that everything we know is wrong, is an illusion, a lie. Maybe you're just now getting acquainted with Icke's work, but that is the substance of it in a nutshell. Everything we have been taught is wrong, an illusion, a lie.

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