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Well, you've gone on a bit, more than I was aware at first. As I read your posts there were a number of items I would question, but I know how these things go and I don't want to get into it. But your last statement shouldn't go without comment.

"If anything the universe is god and it is not conscious as far as we know."
You're not making sense here, anyway. A conscious-less entity?
But your are conscious, right? Is your mind the supreme entity? How do you know this? How do you know anything? You must be a fan of Stephen Hawking.

Stephen Hawking has gone mad, in only the way the British can. It doesn't seem to be a phenomenon in cultures that haven't been seriously tainted by British culture. Hawking recently published the ridiculous notion that at the end of the day (favorite Brit saying) the universe is mindless. Of course I had to laugh, because with what did he reason this? His mind, of course. Maybe he believes his is the only one (Solopsism - a bullshit philosophy). But I say he's mad in a British way because of the propensity of Brits to chase illusory concepts, like Time, for example. A BBC production that played here (I couldn't watch it all, fucking ridiculous) made it seem all dark and weird; this way leads madness.

Time doesn't exist, but your science (or psyence) depends on it's actual existence.

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