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As I stated in the start of the thread, you would need discernment to appreciate, which I discern you lack. What did you read, two pages? Shameful. Really.

Did you check out the symmetry of his Table of Elements? He makes the point that Chlorine and Sodium, when combined, completely cancel each other's properties because of their 'opposite' energy.

If you take the time (this isn't for you, inversedivinity, you're dismissed) to compare similar elements in the same positions as Chlorine and Sodium are in this Table, i.e., Lithium Fluoride, Potassium Bromide, Rubidium Iodide, etc. you will also find his statement is true that similar combinations will always make cubic crystals.

I will sincerely apologize for providing a poor link to the information; it has changed a lot since I last looked. A more direct link to this specific book can be found here.
Also provided is "Atomic Suicide" and a book entitled "The Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe"

Sure, the mention of a Creator, or even the use of the word God will scare off a lot of ego-filled people. If you ACTUALLY READ what he says about it, (I'm baffled as to why you're here; do you READ David Icke's books?) you'll find that he isn't in ANY WAY referring to the Biblical use of the term, although he may reference the Bible. You must understand the language and culture he was trapped in; there were no better concepts available to Westerners to express what he was trying to say at the time.

OK, people with DISCERNMENT may comment; others may return to counting to infinity.
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