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Decent enough artist might have designed a building or two. May have even known Tesla which I doubt but his physics is abominable. He uses get out causes like god to explain most of his shit. I had to stop reading it before it did untold damage to my own physics education.

Just a older charlatan no longer with us. He lied about his education he obviously had more than he let on to be able to blatter the way he does or he self educated somewhat on the current questions of the time. I say of the time because progress has been made and if man lives long enough he will through main stream science get the answers he seeks.

It depends on how long we live and if we can keep producing maths and physics geniuses. Before you come in all mad and all in his defence I will point to the simple logic that you are surrounded by technology, science created and there is more coming everyday. Walter never patented a device in his life.

If things you can buy feel touch and use don't convince you then your a lunatic.

Electro-Magnetism, Gravity, The strong and weak force are some of the fundamental forces within our galaxy. There may have been one force at the beginning I am willing to put my money on electromagnetism as that force and the rest split from it. Well some kind of primordial electro magnetism and gravity will eventually be found to be tied to this in some form either through the graviton force carrying particle or through some other means. A consequence of the big bang we have already found the higgs mechanism responsible for mass. As to the cause of the big bang the jury is out it could have been a omnipotent creator or it could have just been probability.

The fundamental forces are fine in our part of the universe but the place holder names of dark energy and dark matter need to be discovered as to exact nature. We have no idea about it but it lies in regions of the universe outside our galaxy so as it stands now it isn't really fundamental to our way of life but it obviously is to the universe if dark energy is hypothesized to be responsible for actual expansion overturning gravity.

Another one where the jury is out is if consciousness is a fundamental force some have alluded to it being possibly as in they have not ruled it out so science isn't all that bad.
"If people do not believe that mathematics is simple, it is only because they do not realize how complicated life is" John Von Neumann

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