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Lightbulb Walter Russell science/cosmogeny

Forgive me if it's been brought up before, but a little-known genius/polymath by the name of Walter Russell (1871-1963) made substantial contributions to our understanding of reality, providing new concepts of science and definitions of the most daunting of mysteries.
If you have discernment, and I assume you have some if you're here, you will readily appreciate his work. I started with "A New Concept of the Universe", wherein he explains light, gravity, electricity, and magnetism, forces whose effects we use but do not fully understand.

An excellent site that presents his work (and much more that David Icke fans -like me - would appreciate) is located at:
Free Energy And Free Thinking
Several of Russell's books are available for download.

As far as I can tell, David Icke is not aware of him, although I think he would most certainly appreciate his work. How can one get the information to him? He's probably swamped with email to the point that one cannot expect an answer.
BUT -- If you're reading this, David, (shot in the dark) I'd like to invite you back to Grass Valley for a pint(s) at the Holbrooke Hotel. We met that long ago, mate!
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