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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
Bush apparently didn't vote for trump!

all these fake lefties seem to have no problem in their mind that they are standing on the same side of the fence as war criminals like tony blair and george bush

how can they claim they are 'leftwing' when they support the capitalist oligarchs? I'll tell you why...because they are fakes in the same way that ISIS are fakes who are really steered by the CIA and mossad. The 'progressives' are also fakes controlled by the CIA and mossad

Hilary clinton is the oligarchs choice for president...its as simple as that
Bush always claimed he wouldn't vote for Trump. His Vice President Cheney is supporting Trump though, so we have war criminals on either side.

Fake lefties are just uneducated and they find Trump automatically more repulsive than Clinton, and they are right.

If Trump was a Uniter instead of a divider, and if he didn't act like a psychopath saying how he loved torture, bombing the crap out of people, banning people, he would have MUCH MORE SUPPORT.
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