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Originally Posted by marpat View Post
Rense is a US sites isn't it? they are glorified over there, far more than they are in the UK. US service personel get a lot of perks and priveleges. In the UK you hear stories of them being turned away from hotels, etc.
Well naturally I agree that's unfair; it may have something to do with the forces reputation for rowdy behavior, unwarrented in my experience, but then I'm probably a bit desensitized: Obviously those hotels have never hosted a Hospital Porters' outing because if they did they'd be happy to have those squaddies back any day!

But I doubt if any soldier ever feels pressured to keep their occupation secret in the way some of my Brother and Sister Porters do (See: On the contrary, I've found that it's a subject they are loathe to avoid and will find a way to slip it into a conversation within two or three sentences and become a bit miffed when the person they're addressing is not instantly "squaddie struck". How opften does a soldier go out on a date with a girl and when askes what he does for a living reply: "Oh... I work for the Minstry of Defence" She asks: "Doing what?" and he responds: "Oh, I just do a bit of this and that." I've had conversations with my Brother Porters where they relate dates they've had where they've said: "Oh I just work at a hospital" and "I just do a bit of this and that, generally helping out." See the link above for more detail. When a soldier is introduced to his fiancees parents does he ever have to watch their eyes glaze over when he "confesses"; and does he then have to hear later from his loved one: "Oh, Daddy said: 'Couldn't you have found a man with a better job!?'"

I'm afraid I find myself scoffing and groaning inwardly when anybody laments to me that the military are not appreciated by the public and are so looked down upon.

Still I should end this post by apologizing for complaining; it's a just a mood I was in. At the end of the day I'm in the Hospital Portering Service through my own choice. I couldn't have been in the military; in fact I was in Royal Navy basic training and dropped out through my own choice. It's a decision I do not regret.
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