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Originally Posted by eustacekidd View Post
If someone says they are a bus driver and then begins telling people what bus driving is like how they are an expert etc. it would be common sense to ask them to back their claims of whether they actually are a bus driver wouldn't it? In the end, I think this thread is a victim of some very personal disagreements between certain members and I think it should be locked.
It is a bit like that.

My point was I think to illustrate the cultural phenomenon created out of military service. This is sinister I think. It's actually in the Fourteen Signs of Fascism.

"Supremacy of the Military... Soldiers and Military service are glamourized and glorified". See:

I'll give you an example: Not one single article in music journals about the singer James Blunt have failed to allude to his former status as an army officer. Very few articles about another singer, Marc Almond, refer to his prevvious life as a Hospital Porter. Why is that?
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