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Originally Posted by legaata View Post
I was skeptical at first, but after some research and thinking the idea appeared more and more credible to me. For example the reptilians removed Earth's atmosphere when they came here according to Credo Mutwa. Perhaps to make it easier to transmit from the moon? Also, the chance that the moon rotates with the same speed around it's own axis as around Earth is extremely small. Then there's lots of photos showing buildings on the moon, and the Apollo astronauts claimed to have seen space ships and mining operations on the far side of the moon, which would be coherent with David's theory of the moon being a hollowed out asteroid. Then we have the idea that people become crazy and commit more crimes during full moon. Perhaps this could be attributed to the moon matrix being transmitted? I doubt the moon is a spaceship, but perhaps it is equipped with some kind of engines to control it's orbit if the need would arise. All these facts do of course in no way prove that the moon is a spaceship or similar, but it points to the possibility.
The moon is there because it is ment to prevent leaving the planet . the whole thing its engeneering. Its an artificial thing to prevent "escape" from earth. Its a delicate matter, atm thats the latest news about it. i really want david's book to compare knowledge. can't wait.
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