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I like Richie Allen's but he's got truther's disease when it comes to Alex Jones. Loses credibility when he spreads easily disprovable disinformation about them.


They want you to believe that a massive plot by every Muslim in the world to kill everybody and we have to deal with that. They're wrong, they're idiots.
Not true. Richie Allen has lied to his listeners and I stopped listening to his show the moment he uttered this sentence.

I'll let Alex Jones diagram his views for Richie Allen in simple terms so he can better understand what he and the Infowars team believes.

One who questions, and people should question everything, including what I say, is questioning in pursuit of the truth. A skeptic, their foundation from the start is that anything outside their pea-sized norm is not true. So their skepticism is not questioning if something is true it's setting out from the start to try to convince people it's not. - David Icke Videocast 11 March 2016

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