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Default Working for Humanity

Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
they are working for humanity

AJ is the most important person alive at this time his selfless work will be recognized by future generations .

PJW is the second most heroic English man in recorded history, DI takes first place.

These people have put their lives at risk in the infowar, constant threats, and guaranteed arrest and torture if martial law comes in.
One thinks you should add George Webb:

Who is really a collator for his Open Source research team.

The research started with HRC toppling ME Countries; Sarin gas; stingers; Brownstoning; ratlines; Haiti nuclear-generated tsunami; corruption in high-places; pizzastuff; Awan brothers (Pakistanis - funded by Congress members) hacking US 'secure' places; child-trafficking; enforced prostitution; organ-harvesting for elite transplanting; worldwide distribution of mangoes, bananas, rice containing drugs. All based on published sources not conjecture.

Just sayin.

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