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Originally Posted by evadinggrid View Post
Its like a KKK rally over at the Prison Planet Forum !!
It used to be about Truthers, 911 . . . now its Trump Bot and Alt Right.

While AJ may have done some good work in the past, in the present he is protecting Kock Bros, Goldman Sachs and miss-directing on the so called "Deep State"

For what is the Deep State if it is not the Military Industrial Complex, CIA and Homeland Security. In which case this unholy tinity is the recipent of a huge pay increase under the budget. Tell me why Jones and Watson proclaim he is under attack from the Deep State, it just does not make sense. Its delusional at best, and cointel at worst.
And yes it is like a KKK rally over on prison planet and all of the "alt right" media.

The goal of the "alt right" is the promotion and normalization of fascism.

One of the main components of fascism is a radical ethno nationalism, in other words RACISM.

One of the goals of the "alt right" which Alex Jones kind of leads, is the normalization of Racism.

Just read all of the comment sections in any Infowars topic that has to do with anything racial, and you will see this white anger and fear which was a cornerstone of Donald Trump's strategy to get elected.

Alex Jones is a product of the John Birch Society who were always a bunch of crypto racists, hiding their racism behind nonsense like "states rights" "limited government" "property rights" etc. They opposed civil rights, supported Apartheid, and segregation, and always played up a fear of non white peoples. And these people are not racists ?

Donald Trump has used coded language and intentionally provocative rhetoric to attack and demonize blacks, hispanics, and muslims/arabs. His supporters hear this and become emboldened, they become energized, and we see the normalization of racism in full steam ahead. Even so called "progressive" media is helping to normalize all of this by treating it as something normal. Filling their panels with Trump insiders, and being very soft on all of this kind of rhetoric.

Anyways I called all of this over 3 years ago and I have been vindicated, even though many on this forum was attacking me for what I was saying. Too many on this forum and in the alternative media as a whole are invested in this normalization of racism, thats why they react like cockroaches in the light when you call them out for what they are because, they dont want racism to be seen or called as racism. They want it to be called "populism" or "nationalism" or "libertariansim" or whatever other legitimate title you can call it. That is the M.O.
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