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thought i would bring this back!

this is at a church in the middle of downtown called ( 5 points south)birmingham, alabama
"The Storyteller." Some believe the sculpture ("the head of a goat on a human body") represents Satan and the five frogs arranged in front of him represent a pentagram.
ram head and owl

info about the artist "After graduating in 1962, Fleming took a job with military contractor Hayes Aircraft Corporation in Birmingham, where he worked as a technical illustrator. The following year, he moved to Huntsville, Madison County, after taking a position with Boeing Aerospace. During the next six years, Fleming worked in the drafting department producing engineering drawings related to the Saturn V rocket program."

"According to the Birmingham News, local artist and sculptor Frank Fleming was arrested by Huntsville police this week for sexual misconduct in an undercover sting operation involving 24 other men.

Fleming is known by most for his “Storyteller” sculpture at the fountain in Five Points South."

Vulcan: the world's largest cast iron statue has long served as a symbol of the city.

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