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Originally Posted by madmanamdam View Post
The Ignorance of the posters in this thread is astounding

Freemasonic symbolism has nothing to do with the Illuminati

do your homework
Nothing to do with the Illuminati? How? They're inexplicably tied. The difference with Freemasonry is that it's a relatively open secret society which keeps the main secrets away from the vast majority of its members, who unknowingly contribute to the NWO agenda.

Freemasonry was set up to search for members of specific bloodlines, which the Illuminati then pluck out and use those people as pawns. Why are so many people from the Illuminati bloodlines also Freemasons? Like George Bush Jr and Sr, and many others? Just a coincidence? Why are certain people basically given free passes to the 33rd degree? Because they were discovered of their genetics and were allowed a shortcut.
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