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Very interesting thread... read it all. BTW, to those who engage in endless arguing... please make your point then let it go! Don't clutter up the thread with personal wars.
I have smoked cannabis for years... never heavy smoker, but back in the day have tried many kinds (hash, thai stick, mowie wowie, panama red, ect) I still smoke, but much less. It helps me in many ways and don't usually get "paranoid", but a few times I have. For me, it depends on the variety and amount. Too much of the strong stuff will make me feel nausia and "paranoid", but mostly I don't get this with most kinds and reasonable dosage. Also, depends on my environment (very much like trippin on LSD... out doors in nature=good trip, indoors in the city=bad trip) My sister, on the other hand, could never enjoy cannabis... always "paranoid", but she did have mental issues, so maybe some people just can't handle it. I grew some indoors and had two kinds... one mostly indica, one more sativa. The sativa was a very uplifting energetic high, the indica was a heavy, sleepy high... sometimes with nausia and "paranoia" (could only smoke this in the evening) I really miss the "thai stick"... very potent asian sativa. I tend to have a personality that doesn't care what others think of me, so maybe that's why I don't tend to get "paranoid" much, plus my experiences with LSD helped me work that out years ago. I also like to drink (in moderation) so maybe that helps keep me calm (never drank when doing acid or shrooms... didn't need to, but a good joint helped) Everyone reacts differently to drugs and alcohol... I thinks that's what this thread is all about. Also, the environment and people you are around is important. Last comment: pcp on weed... haven't heard of that for many years, genetically modified weed... no, hybrid is not GM, and yes, how you grow it is important... too much fertilizer makes it harsh and side effects from the chemicals (my son kept insisting I flush it out good towards the end) Peace out... gotta go... haven't got high all day.
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