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Originally Posted by davebeard View Post

Yes Really
do you not realise that while some happy sheep thought the EU was a "good thing", those in charge have been slowly melting us into one easily ruleable pot?

It has all blown up in their faces now, and they are desperately trying to make it all good and happy for their fan boys and girls, who will no doubt relax and lap up the platitudes passed to them .

"Liberal" " diverse" "inclusive" - these words were like mass hypnosis and having a nice, warm bath-like feeling of mutual leftist love to so many people - "Relax, we, the masters of the project, the EU,will keep you in liberal comfort for the rest of your life......"

Then, suddenly the whole lot blew up in your faces! It was your daughters being raped by the people who you welcomed into our home- your sons raped by other children who were 20 odd years old, but no one bothered to actually check...

But, still it is OK - the project cannot be de-railed by "racists" - the people who actually live and work to support out liberal sell out treacherous masters.
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