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Originally Posted by the nine View Post
Perhaps they thought badheel would be able to counter Boyle?
I wonder why he left half way through?
perhaps he felt that to continue defending the indefensible might have tarnished his public image?

Originally Posted by the nine View Post
Frankie Boyle is putting his career on the line criticising Israel on national tv.

The BBC is British in my humble opinion, but Britain has been bought and paid for, for centuries now.. we have masters higher than royalty nowadays.
the royals are part of the same intermarried network of families/bloodlines

they are financially involved in many powerful corporations including royal dutch shell and rio tinto alcan

Originally Posted by the nine View Post
So the BBC are protecting their masters as instructed, imho.

Did the BBC protect savile because he was friends with A-list royalty or because he was friends with Israel or a bit of both?
saville wasn't just a friend of israel he was also knighted by the royals and by the pope

There is a network of families across europe that some authors believe came into europe when the romans destroyed the temple in jerusalem in 70AD. Those families were fleeing the approaching roman army and travelled by boat to various jewish trading posts around the mediterenean sea including marseilles in the south of france

Over the ensuing centuries they were through their contacts in the merchant class able to intermarry with frankish aristocracy. What kept them united as a coherent network was their adherence to the old QABALISTIC ceremonial magic which they maintained through secret societies. They entered britain in the armies of william the conqueror and within a short space of time 3 royals were assassinated in the new forest.

A series of assassinations in scotland some time later saw them get their candidate on the throne of scotland in the form of robert the bruce

They formed the knights templar in order to return to jerusalem to dig into temple mount to seek the scrolls they knew had been left there by their ancestors before they fled the approaching romans

They rose through the aristocratic ranks and became royalty around europe and founded FREEMASONRY in order to continue their qabalistic ceremonial magic and to provide a platform through which to expand their network and influence in order to gain and maintain a global reach

They built the 'british empire' and they created the state of israel. Every time they came into contact with an indigienous people they stole the title to their land and culturally and physically genocided them including the people of britain in particular the gaels

That network is what controls britain, israel and the US today and they are black magicians bent on world domination. Saville was a black magician born on halloween as the seventh son of a seventh son and david says he procured children for the satanic network and his work on childrens TV through the BBC certainly gave him ready access to children

That network controls the BBC and funded fabian socialism. It sought a war against iraq and that's why they murdered the weapons inspector Dr David Kelly who was trying to warn the british public that they were being lied to about there supposedly being weapons of mass destruction in iraq which just like the false claims that assad had gassed his own people were simply a pretext for further imperialist expansion

They are set on building another temple to solomon on temple mount which is why there is constant agitation in that area

They are controlling many of the hitech companies and are smuggling tech from silicon valley to israel, under the talpiot programme, where work is being done on AI, virtual reality, surveillance tech and a host of other tech which will all feed into the technocracy that is growing up around us while people fixate on megan markles wedding dress
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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