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Originally Posted by kassondra8 View Post
Ya I've seen the water crystal pics, very fascinating. So if I have this right, what Judy is advocating is that someone talented with giving postive vibrations do so to some water and then dump it into a source of public drinking water? Sounds good to me, couldn't hurt. I have some messages I'd like to add, lol.

Btw, do you practice this with your personal water? If so, does it seem to have an effect, and what messages do/would you give it?
I do use it for my personal water. I have this big glass jar with a glass lid I have painted "Love" on on the bottom, then I fill it with water, put a small purifier in it and put it outside in the sunlight. It then absorbs the energy from the sun which is both healing ans sustaining. There are people in this world who do not eat but only lives on the energy from the sun.

I also have the same word painted on three glass bowls which I have placed around the room where I spend most of my time. When the water evaporates, it does things to the atmophere. But lets return to the topic... (sorry mods)
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