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Originally Posted by fairyelfdog View Post
I'm all for it (May I suggest that you stop telling people they do not see the bigger picture though. You don't know what they (we) see or don't see)

This seems to be a good way of working on it. I am aware that water carries emotion and thought but to me this is only one way through which we have to work, and is it fast enough? Also, when we pour water into other bodies of water won't the information/emotion be diluted by what was already in this body? How would we go about spreading it around in vast quantities fast? I seriously doubt the ptpb will suddenly stop producing the vaccine when they have tasted this water though ... they are extremely resistent ... but I see your point.
sorry for using the words "people don't see the bigger picture yet". I don't know how else to describe it. it's kind of like - I have information to share with you, while information you share with me is very much old news. How would you describe it, what are better words?

please let me explain that I don't have all the answers, I am only one peace of a massive puzzle - just like the rest of us. I've been given a snap shot of the massive puzzle but I'm still only one peace and don't know the full and complete story. The only way we will get that complete story is when we learn how to communicate more effectively. That's the problem I'm working on now is communication - HUGE STRUGGLE. I use to be good at this and now that I've come to learn what I know my communication now sucks big time so I apologize for that.

From my calculations the water concept will take 2 years to make a complete global shift so it all depends on when things got started. it's all math and statics that predicts how fast it will work. I personally think that it can work faster, once enough people understand then the masses just automatically understand like magic.

how you spread this concept is by using everything we already know, go with the energy instead of against it.

We are sheep, don't try to be horses or dogs when in fact we are sheep - be at one with that for now.

We are facing a Global economic challenge - us sheep need food and shelter while we have no jobs. offer them a way to earn money and the sheep will follow.

it does require going into everything you would normally object to - we need to go into the problems in order to find the solutions.

it does have a cost of about $100,000 but will earn more money then oil and it will be OWNED by the people who drink it. If you are a member of this concept you have the opportunity to get a loan to start any idea or concept that benefits humanity. Water will be our new human banking systems. Once it's in effect there will be no need for it, or money for that matter but it's a process we need to take in order to make a massive change.

basically what has happened is we've discovered psychology and only provided it for the rich to get richer. Psychology only teaches you how to ignore and accept problems so while you are making more money you can't recognize that you need to take it from someone else causing problems for others. That is why you can see someone tortured in front of you and walk away without it effecting you. YOu'll say the words "this must stop" but you know psychologically you can't do anything to stop it so why bother - focus on what you can change. The most upsetting phrase I've heard is "accept the things I cannot change", you can change anything if you wanted to.

This water concept will provide all the psychology to everyone on the planet but will provide the power to change and solve YOUR own problems in a responsibly, human manor. it must be provided free to all schools and people living in poverty - we cannot leave anyone behind. Who ever you leave behind will be the source of your unknown problem. YOu harm yourself if you leave even your enemy behind after all they are human too - even the Illuminati - the one's who have been brain washed the most - they are the one's suffering the most and we must love them and help heal them too. They would drink from this water just to prove they aren't as bad as we think they are. Even if they drink from it and try to fight the process, they can't because it's suggestive and will work on them even if they dont' realize it. it is the strongest brain washing I can think of lol but it's brain washing ourselves to be OURSELVES and not what I want you to be or what others want you to be. Find out who you are and then be it.
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