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Smile. Okay enough. I'll leave the argument. We are both right in different ways.

Do you really think that if the people working for the police knew that they we're carrying out massmurder when forcing people to take the vaccine, they would still do it?
What I was suggesting wasn't really a complaint as much as informing them of what was going on and telling them that we will not cooperate. I don't know how they would react. I did suggest phonecalls and not mails or letters, that can be deleted and ignored easily. If we can make enough people do this it might make an impact. I also asked you a question about waterhealing I am curious about. :

"I have a question, Judy: Vibrations are information, right? Can you actually spread an urge to be more independent and specifically not take the vaccine through watermagic? In that case it is very interesting but it doesn't have to exclude writing the police (from a grassroot level. Not the headquarters)."
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