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Originally Posted by alohanui View Post
I'd like to draw attention to a line I wrote in the first post. "I do, however, make a distinction between talking about a particular issue that involves particular members of a group, and the wholesale bashing and smearing of an entire group just for the sake of bashing it." That should pretty much cover the 'well, you can't talk Zionism/these particular people involved in Zionism, because I'm Jewish and that offends me' thing. I'm glad mods don't let people play that card here.

Regarding gender bashing vs. the idea of cultural marxism: For argument's sake, let's say that that there really are inherent differences between men and women and make the following analogy: the human race is a car, and one gender is the engine and the other is the transmission. You can't put an engine where a transmission should go, and vice versa. Engines do what engines do, and transmissions do what transmissions do.

But does that mean the transmission is "better than" the engine? Or that the engine is "superior" to the transmission? Does it make any sense for either of them to make sneering jokes about the other? Nah. *shrug*

So it doesn't matter if the cultural marxists are right or wrong: either way, there is no need for bigotry against women.
if you look in those threads you'll see me calling for peace and saying that men and women are both equally vital to humanity despite often having different strengths

But from what i see in those threads it is not the male posters relentlessly throwing insults around

So i find it strange that you mention only mysogeny and not misandry because to me it is glaringly obvious whats going on

what the cultural marxists are saying is that everything is culture and that there is no biological factors making men and women different

But BOTH genetics AND environment play a part in shaping someone

They know that really which is why they are covertly hitting the population with gender bending endocrine disruptors and GMO's to change humanity on a genetic level

They're liars who lie to achieve their aims
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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