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Originally Posted by paddy_blake View Post
Censorship is a bad idea. However, having a hate-filled thread sticking out like a sore thumb in the main forum section is also a bad idea. I suggest such threads are moved into some kind of rant area, thus solving the problem without resorting to censorship. People with resentment, bitterness etc., will always look for a reason to vent their pet hatreds.
That's what we use the Rant Room for.

We kinda know right away with certain threads that they will end up in there but we do try to give the benefit of doubt, for a time. Which lets other members have their say on the subject and sometimes a thread made with the intent of causing offense can be turned around by the members replies and in doing so, becomes a good topic for discussion. (that's quite rare, but it does sometimes happen)
Also, If we move threads into RR too quickly the shout of 'Censorship' goes out.

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