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Default You cant please all of the people, all of the time

There is a very fine line between freedom of speech and outright bigotry. As you say, the team at dif work very hard to swiftly remove threads/posts which clearly go against the rules of the forum.

Discussion threads about misogany / misandry are very common here and I personally find them to be a pain, but where do we draw the line? People should be allowed to have an opinion.

You point out that you have been here for a while. So you should have realised by now that people with an agenda of hate who post on here, inevitably end up getting their threads ranted. (at the very least)

Also, I'd like to point out that we do have a report button on each thread. If members are not happy with certain threads, then simply report them.

I will look forward to reading your "series of posts" on: Where this forum is going wrong?

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