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Default A newbie's general reaction to the forums

I've been here a little while now, and thought I'd post about the general reactions I've had to the forum overall (not just the new members area.) I'm making this series of posts in the hopes that this feedback from a newcomer might be helpful in some way.

First off:

I have issues with what is clearly generally regarded here as acceptable bigotry.

I understand that this forum doesn’t stand on political correctness, and I agree with that and think it’s important. I do, however, make a distinction between talking about a particular issue that involves particular members of a group, and the wholesale bashing and smearing of an entire group just for the sake of bashing it. When mods allow wholesale bashing bigotry posts to stand as they are, that sends the clear message to everyone that bigotry against that group is acceptable here, and that the members of the group being bashed therefore have no place here. That said:

How come bigotry threads with a racist base are taken down, but bigotry threads with a sexist base are allowed to remain? Blatanly racist threads are immediately taken down (or mods quickly edit them to make them non-racist,) but woman-hating threads are allowed to stand as they are. I’ve seen threads bashing women both by sexist humor and by outright attack (see a few threads on the theme “Are women inferior?,” one of which was even outright titled something very much like that. If that thread had been titled "Are (race group) inferior?" it would have been taken down immediately. Hmm.)

By the way, since a lot of people don’t seem to really grasp this, it’s worth saying that making bigoted or hate-filled remarks under the guise of humor doesn’t magically erase the bigotry or hate.

To come: posts on wondering where the compassion and kindness are, and also wondering why Icke seems to be largely ignored/ why people who agree with him are dismissed as fawning suck-ups or mindless 'guru followers.'

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