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Originally Posted by princessofwands View Post
In esoteric literature, these 'archons' are called the elementals of the personality.

Mental elemental (the mind)
Astral elemental (the emotions)
Physical elemental (the body)

and ALL of them are basically antagonistic to our Soul, and will do everything they can to hold our attention in the lower chakras and direct our activities from that level.

When the Soul is gaining ground by influencing our behaviour, then the unresolved stuff (the complexes) of our elementals will all gang up together to present the battle of the Personality versus the Soul. The personality is then called the Dweller on the entity which draws strength not just from our own unconscious but from our collective unconscious.

This is why when you are nearing the point of gaining freedom from your personality drives, (drivers!) everything both within and around you will conspire to pull you down. People will arrive in your life who mirror your unresolved compusions and addictions. People will behave in ways that are meant to strengthen these elementals within you. It takes a lot of hard effort to lift yourself back up and observe this tug of the Matrix within you. The Matrix doesn't want to let you go....
I know nothing about any of this to be honest but i Find it interesting.

On a thread about the "stars" i seemingly bored everyone with this experience;

"Whilst living abroad (france, greece, Italy) in areas with very low light pollution, for many years i'd often pour a glass of wine, trot out into the garden and contemplate the big question(s) and there was always the same result.

I'd stare in awe at the sight before me. Dumfounded. At peace with the world and slightly detatched. Alone but not lonely. As i wondered (and wandered) searching for answers, digesting the craziness before mind would open up... Elements would unravel, my line of thought would soar... I'd feel like i was "on to something..." but just when i could feel the pulse of the cosmos, just when i felt things where about to show themselves, answers to be given...BANG.

Shutdown. Like a door slamming. My mind would become traitor. Every signal in my brain would conspire against me. I'd get a headache, a fuzziness then a mental fog would descend... I could feel it, completely aware but unable to counter the effects.

Are we programmed to shut down when we search too deeply? Is there an inbuilt mechanism that flicks a switch? That "slams the minds door shut?" something that prevents us from travelling too far?

So i pondered. Skipped the wine. Told myself it was just my lack of knowledge of space, the cosmos..the universe. That it was my ignorance that was my own worst enemy.. Maybe it was just the enormity of it all... All beyond my comprehension.

But is it? Or are we really just programmed "not to know" ? "

My point being, is this an example of the "Archons" at play?
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