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Default Why we have it ALL wrong about the Archons

The Archons APPEAR to be separate from us. We are lead to beLIEve they are separate entities. We are lead to think that they are outside of ourselves.

Nothing could be further from the truth. These are COLOSSAL lies. But these lies are the foundational lies that the Archons must tell to enslave us. Without convincing us of these lies nothing else would be possible,

The Archons are GOLLUMS. If you want to get technical, they are our collective shadow self. We created them through our unresolved stuff.

Have you ever wondered why they are so efficient at parasitizing us? Why they are so effective at playing us for our weaknesses?

Because they ARE us!

This was what I was trying to explain in the quote below. PLEASE watch the accompanying video id you are unfamiliar with it.

Originally Posted by blackjack77 View Post
Luke Skywalker in the middle of "The Empire Strikes Back" apparently fights, kills and unmasks Darth Vader in a cave only to find out he is Darth Vader! This is OUR situation too. WE are our own enemy. Massive insider George Lucas knew what he was talking about. To get an idea of what I am talking about please watch the following scene:

They just desperately don't want us to know this because once we do we are in a position to take our power back. This is their FOUNDATIONAL lie. They need you to think the power lies outside of yourself at all costs. This is also why they HAVE to lie to us constantly.

Another point.

The APPARENTLY different archons are NOT really different archons at all! Another COLOSSAL lie!!

The APPARENTLY different archons are simply different aspects of the same collective shadow self. They are simply different viewpoints. They are different ways of looking at the same collective shadow self. We are like blind men each stationed around an elephant arguing about what an elephant is! Some are feeling his tail, some his trunk, some his tusks, his legs, etc. We are arguing, thinking we are talking about different creatures because we are simply experiencing different aspects of the same animal!

The joke is on us!

But there is even a BIGGER joke on us.

You see, the shadow self is our BEST teacher! Yes, the Archons/ Gollums/ our collective shadow self is there to teach us the most important lessons on all. THAT is why it exists in the FIRST place!

This is also why David is right when he says we must non-comply with its evil but we must do it from a place of love, a vibration it can't deal with.

But there is EVEN a BIGGER joke that is on us! In fact, it may be the biggest joke of all!!

The reason we CREATED this nightmare is that so we could grow by solving it and thus come into our true potential!

Many years ago David did an interview with Patrick Timpone where he said that when we get to the bottom of this rabbit hole we are going to laugh for weeks. I think I know what we are going to be laughing about.

We are being enslaved by our own sins (unresolved stuff!). This, I would argue is the deepest meaning of the ancient bit of wisdom that "we are not punished BY our sins but FOR our sins".

Our Best Friend & Best Teacher: The Shadow Self

WHY we created this nightmare

WE are at the bottom of the Rabbit Hole

David Icke - One Radio Network Interview 05-25-10 (I believe this one has the laughing quote)
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